“Wow this is nice, I’ll buy this”……… few words that were used to come out in my mouth before.

Shopping is one of my hobbies, hobby which cost too much and could empty my wallet every week.

Though I only have small allowance still I don’t have the attitude budgeting it which attitude that still affects me every day.

Uncontrollable attitude that I can’t change though it makes me empty day by day. Monday to Wednesday would be the maximum run of my weekly allowance.

After then I’ll ask to someone to lend money especially to my classmates, then paying them the next week Which for sure people that makes “pautang” to me every week is getting annoyed. See, how wise but stupid attitude I have? A kind of attitude that an ambitious student could have.

Moreover,I couldn’t immediately ask extra money to my mom since we have cold treatment with each other as of this time…(Something personal that could make this legend long..hehehe).

Well actually, I really don’t know where and what would be my point in this blog …awwwwwww….hehehehe. It’s just so happen that these days I have to let my luxurious personal things stop for the meantime. Thinking that I have parents that could send exact allowance every week and its me who is making things hard every week because of being ambitious one. I’ll just end this nonsense legend hanging coz two of my officemate will use the PC.

But how could I change my uncontrollable attitude?

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Just this week things didn’t jive for good. Every thing as I observe is getting inferior. Things that is ridiculous or I should say maybe mental problem on me

I may sound funny and OA but that is how I felt about it. The worst thing is that, it was happen continuously just this week. “Forgetful mind” is the right term that I could describe.

It goes this way, last Wednesday I slept the whole morning and woke up late in the afternoon for an exam. After then, I was thinking that I only have one exam that day.

As I passed by somewhere in school, my foreign language classmate asked me that why I didn’t take the exam. I was immediately upset with the information I got since my mind freely fixed that I only have one exam that day where I was thinking that the “nose bleeding” subject will be on Friday.

It made me realize that the said case is passable coz it isn’t that big deal since I just forgot the schedule.

But just this afternoon, I came late to school and lighten up myself in the TN office. In difference, Carla informed me why I didn’t take our major exam. Where it may sound a lame excuse but I didn’t know again that we have an exam. ( I sound stupid and irresponsible person with this case right?). But I don’t know why this is happening.

Well I think everybody knew me being forgetful in some cases like misplacing things (cellphone, ID, wallet, paper works and etc .) But it’s just that I think something wrong and getting worst with my mind????? Or do I have to go to the specialist for further test? Hahahaha…’s just that Im scared that the following days I’ll gonna miss things again because of being forgetful.

Well, I hope that reading this blog could not yet conclude that I am ABNORMAL or Psychotic HUH!!??!!..OK?????.... Don’t worry my friends if I will , sultian tamu daon hehhe… bsta ahhhh… I really don’t knw about with this case……

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Meeting deadlines is really my weakness since im a type of a person who will move if lightning won’t hit. Y its really hard for me to work early with the assigned school requirements?..

I can’t remember or maybe numbers isn’t enough to count of if how many times I did this move. I don’t know why im still doing it again and again. Being haggard and having big eye bags is always the result because of doing requirements near the cliff. Because of doing my articles a minute before the deadline even my papers got red inks. Still those kinds of circumstances didn’t fetch me to do things ahead.

What would be the thing that will make me realize to work things ahead? I hope that one of these days something will wake my mind up to run away with this intolerable approach.

This moment of time fresh from staying overnight in school and without closing my eyes even a minute again Im here in internet café doing not that important stuff even if requirements for the next days are falling in lines.

I just hope that my mom wont catch me doing this kind of thing else I’ll gonna go back where I come from.

This blog won’t stay long coz I only have small coins in my pocket….hehehehe…….writing this, make me relax since its just now that I step by step opening my heart and my mind to know myself better while sharing this with you (if who ever is reading this)… it’s just once in a blue moon if I handle things seriously (gusto q naman maging seryoso minsan…kahit minsan lng serious)……. …Dba?/? sO LET ME…………

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