Breaking up is one of the hardest things to do when you fall in love. Yet sad to say, it really happens. Who do you think will anticipate a hurtful break up if you are in a good, romantic and satisfying relationship? ...No one wants to, right?

Feelings and situations will turn cold, best friends turn to worst enemies, loving quotes change to hurtful words, dreams become impossibilities, chances leads to rejections, memories are converted to nightmares, expectations end up as disappointments and oftentimes, love evolves to hatred.

I always hear my friends saying, “I have to move on, stop fooling myself that I could still have him/her back but how can I get over him/her?” Stand up, do not just get down on your knees. Wipe those falling tears, and do not leave your heart unattended. Instead fix it up.

For a battered and broken heart to get in tacked, here are some of the tips for you to open your mind and in order for you to easily recover. Remember that life is not perfect as well as the person you love. Another thing is that you can never learn to love again if your heart is still broken.

1. Don’t let yourself get drown in the ocean of hatred

Both of you fall out of love and there is a possibility that either you will become friends or enemies. “I’m sorry, maybe were not meant for each other, can we just be friends?” Yes this statement would sound better because both broke up with an option to continue the friendship. Well, it may not be a growing and less effective move; at least you both end up retaining the friendship.

2. Nothing is constant in this world, breaking up is inevitable. Don’t pity yourself.

You must not create a barrier wall between you and your friends. Instead allow them to give their shoulders for you to lean on, because they are willing to help and support you. After all, he is not the only person in this world. Just keep yourself busy and enjoy your life.

3. If there is noting to beg for, then don’t Beg

If possible refrain from the guilt. If you know that there is nothing to beg for, then don’t. Fate will bring you back. Never think that you cannot live without the person you really love. You can do it and bear it in your mind.

4. Don’t entrust your feelings to threat. Don’t be insane and never do commit to foolishness.

“If you leave me, I will kill myself”. If you think threatening your ex will make him/her sorry and if you think that would win her back, then don’t expect too much because it seldom happens. Your foolish action is already a proof that you’re irresponsible and the break up is probably a good idea.

5. What goes around comes around. Don’t try to get back to the person who rejected you.

This is applicable to all MARTYRS all over the world. Words of apologies and goodbyes during break up should be placed on their proper perspectives. No matter how painful the split- up has become, you must not hate him/her or take revenge by humiliating statements for it would be impossible to resurrect friendship.

6. You cannot escape from the problem. Therefore, do not jump to other relationship to cover the pain from the past.

This is applicable to all “mahilig sa panakip butas”. Time heals the wounds. Meaning, you should not hurry to commit yourself to others, if do you know that you are not yet ready and have not still recovered with a certain break- up.

7. Prayer is the most important resolution to all things. Don’t forget to pray.

God is always there to listen, to guide, to give advice and to give blessings on what we are aiming. We should always get ourselves to Him. Let’s keep our hearts open and free from heartaches and worries. God is good all the time, all the time god is good.

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