I Found My Girl

“Single” the word that tails with me for two years. From those while, I have to love myself and be happy. Loving myself is the move that I did to easily forget the pain from the last relationship I had which I thought a so called relationship. From the moment that I know that I recovered already, I was looking for somebody else because I am certain that somebody is waiting for me too (felah haha). Guess what? I am right. We found each other and I could really say she’s MY GIRL.

Her kisses and hugs makes my day perfect. She makes me smile whenever I frown. When I got from work, she is there to lighten the feeling of exhaustion that I have. We love each other unconditionally and that’s undeniable. But oftentimes I scold her and she will just cry. Indeed, she is very young and innocent and as far as I could, I have to be patient at her. When I was still in college, we seldom see each other.

While now that we are in the same place, I am great and hopefully I can give all the love that she deserves. Her mom is living far and it’s for good, and it is all because of her. I took the responsibility to be one of the persons who will take good care of her. She is my inspiration and my baby. I want her to be the best girl in the whole wide world.

Though many times she gets hurt because I do not always give what she wants, I am confident that our attachment will not just easily end. She respects me because she has too and I am proud of it because I am his Tito.

These are some of her pictures.

She watches Darna every night. She is really a big fan of Marian Rivera.

She loves to pose whenever she has new dress. This picture was taken after her Mommy Kahmil newly bought these two pieces of swimsuit.

She is fond of asking everyone to color her nails. She even does not want to attend to children’s party without nail polish.

She loves to pose in camera and not conscious whatever her appearance would be.She also acts as if a teenager though she’s only four.

She eats and sleeps a lot. She told to diet but she does not want.

These were taken @ SM Bacolod. More pictures here; http://profiles.friendster.com/68283618

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Everything is New

It’s already a week that I’m settle in a new environment. I’ve met new people and maybe new friends. Work is really the reason why I have to be in this place. It’s a must for me; to have bread and butter in the future and at the same time I’m at the age to be adequately independent. In the first place, this is I really wanted.

For a week, I did not expect that I’ll live as comfortable as this. From my new house but not mine technically and with my new workplace. Everything is good and in firsthand.

Expectedly, my daily routine changed. I have to wake up as early as 5:30 in the morning to prepare everything and as an over sleeper, it’s not my habit. Hilariously, my mom is with me the whole week and she shakes me every dawn just to wake me up and guess what, she consistently did it in my first week.

I thanked Nanay a lot that she spent the whole week with me and treated me like a pre school boy which made me feel uncomfortable. At some point, though she’s not saying it, I know that she is just excited with my job and she cares. Sadly, tonight is her last night staying here in my place. Besides it’s really her time to go home before quarrel between us will arise. You know, sometimes motherly words are irritating.

On the other way, my work place is really good and it’s two rides away from my place. Not bad. So far, I have friendly mates. But there are some that I cannot go with still. Or maybe until now I am just stupid and expect that I will be in the same group of people I had. While in class, I think this is the worst week for me. I got very low exams and I have to double cope with it. There’s something wrong with me while in class and I don’t know why. With these, fear is in me. I don’t know exactly to what and to whom I’m afraid of. I am tense everyday and I lost the focus.
With my first week, God gave me the providence and made me think that first times are not worst. I’m satisfied though with what happen this week but a satisfaction with worries. I don’t know why. Now, all I have in my mind is whatever will happen it is God’s plan.

I miss all I left in Dumaguete

These are some of the compiled pictures I made when the publication surprised me with a farewell party. I cannot upload all of it so i just selected those that I like.hehe...Forgive the arrangement..haha

I miss Dumaguete.
I miss my classmates and board mates.
I miss boulevard.
I miss burger delights.
I miss Windy City.
I miss bar hopping.
I miss walking in Freedom Park.
I miss publication’s camera.
I miss TN office.
I miss my student publication mates.
I miss you.


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