Black hair with bangs cut straight across the forehead, wearing heavy slacks, often too tight and short with clunky black shoes – one look at this group of people then you will know what group is this. YES! They were the so called “EMO”.

As of now when you walk along the road you will see different kind of groups. Like hip-hop, punk, fashionista, kikay’s and different group of people with dissimilar style of clothing and personalities. I came up with the idea to know some of this group of people. Because of my curiosity and since my teacher assigned me to look for an interesting topic.

I interviewed some of the so called group “EMO” to know some of the things that maybe ask by many addressed to them. I chose these group because they can be easily identify by their strange yet cute outfits.

According to the EMO’s, EMO is short call for Emotional. This is a type of subculture loosely rooted around in its own distinct style. It can be EMO in music, fashion, family and EMO to the society. In terms of the physical appearance, some defined EMO as a fashion trend only.

How does the EMO look?

EMO clothing is typically black and is mixed with smaller amounts of stunningly bright colors. While EMO hair is mostly black but some put highlights color on it. Hair is mostly favor one eyed hair cuts because some believes that hairstyle will look as lack of self esteem, On the other hand male EMO will easily identified in such a way that they mostly wear tight pants with white or silver belt which small t-shirts are common to them. Spiky black shoes and thick black eye glasses can be seen also. In addition eyeliner and piercing are also common but not necessary.

What’s with the EMO?

EMO are recognized covering themselves with their own bangs where some says that it simply means that they are broken and they are lack of self –esteem. Commonly in the internet, you will see that EMO take pictures ridiculously out of the ordinary photographic angles. They enjoy taking pictures that is one side of their face showing that as if they are ashamed on what they are. Just because of their hair cut, people believe that EMO has one eye.

In an article worked by Oscar Wilde who was an Irish playwright, novelist, poet, and author of short stories, EMO themselves may not be entirely sure of their sex. Many of the EMO called and expressed this by saying they are bisexual. In contrast to popular belief and sources, that is not mean that it is just a fashion trend but they cannot just decide weather they are male or female.

According to Ivan Homer Viason a second year Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM) of NORSU who styles himself as an EMO, he agreed that some of the EMO are bisexual in such a way that they are comfortable to express and share the things with the same sex. He also added that you can also observe it in the internet where their pictures are kissing with same sex.

In contrast, Jay Mark B. Timtim a third year EMO and Medical Dental Nursing Assistant (MDNA) of NORSU reacted that it depends upon the person if he has an identity problem. He added that there are some EMO that is bisexual but not all. Timtim define EMO that is not only a fashion trend but being true as an individual. He is emotional in terms of music, love life and to her parents. He stressed that he usually wear white as for a hidden EMO.

According to Oscar Wilde it is 100 % true that being EMO commits self-harm, writing poems, depressed and identifying one’s self as bisexual. Whereas Viason said that it is true that EMO’S are committing suicide to the point that they cannot handle anymore the emotions they feel which some says that it is a brain problem because of being emotional. While there are many characteristics of EMO subculture that should first finished to describe them correctly. According to Wilde, EMO are also vegetarians and no one knows why they are like that. EMO also do not follow “sex” lifestyle which also known as “Staight Edge” where they refuse to drink, smoke, eat or have sex (including masturbation).

Well for me EMO are okay to because everyone has its own way of expressing oneself and probably its their best avenue to express for what they are.One more thing,expressing oneself in different ways is a constant thing that may perform by individual, living to certain place. Like the so called EMO they have their own approach and manner on how to express their selves. They have the styles of clothing, gist in their own minds and implication in life. Therefore everyone has the freedom to express each self in its own little way that may describe us an individual. EMO is one of the examples being an individual who has own styles and avenue living in this world.

NORSU students.

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