A Christmas Gift for Andrew

Christmas is indeed time for giving. As the saying goes “It is better to give than to receive”. together with my colleagues in the student publication, last December 13 we had an outreach program in one of the orphanages here in Negros Oriental. We made the children smile by simply treating them like our own sons and daughters. This is actually my second time to be in the orphanage sharing things during Christmas.

In a half day activity I was able to care a child in my own hands. the child in the picture is baby Andrew. He is three year old; a child who is shy yet has an active mind. Considering the fact that he has heart failure and cannot talk, I’m really touched that every time I talk to him, he smiles and hugs me then.

Though I didn’t hear a single word from him, I know that his smiles and embraces meant something. I dance with Andrew, wiped dirty stuffs in his face, and I spoon feed him where he ate three hotdogs (obvious that it’s his favorite).

However I also thank Justine who was my partner for taking care with baby Andrew. As our personal gift, we gave Andrew clothes. The blue one he wore in the picture. With the gift we gave him, I know that he was a little envious with gifts received by other kids there, since most of the gifts were toys and I know kids love toys. I’m a little bit conscious with the gift we gave to him.Sigh.

I just can’t imagine that there are parents that could simply leave their child in an orphanage easily. With the case of baby Andrew he really needs care from a parent since he is sickly one. I then realized and thankful that I don’t have parents like those.

Unknowingly, the sun goes down and we have to leave the orphanage with goodbyes. “Adto na me Andrew!” I said to him. Immediately he tightly hugged me. My heart was like crumpled by forceful hand the time he hugged me .If only I could bring him home. Well I just hope that if ever someone will adopt Andrew, they could give a better future and answer the needs of him.

In some ways we really have to share things and show our love to other people. As possible we should do it everyday, not only in special days like Christmas. We should also do it not only for a merit in ourselves instead for God. Remember, God loves a cheerful giver.

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