The word “irresponsible” is maybe the worst remark that was ever thrown to me. The evil part and not ok is that, it was actually come out from my professor. A professor which absence in class is much than being present. He will even fail me just because he assigned something which I failed to do?

I admit, I’m not immediately concurring every time he is having his lectures. But how am I going to share my sides since his lectures are not related to our subject matter. I mean, I’m a type of person which prefers to be silent if uninteresting matters are tackled.

He is not also worthy to throw such word to me. He even late 2 -3 hours in our class. He supposes to act as good example. Or maybe because he can’t take any nasty move to me that is why his blood is boiling every time. Besides, I’m a boy and the rest of my classmates were girls, which is a good point to him. I maybe act judgmental to him but as the saying goes “actions speaks louder than words”.hehehe(manyak talaga cya).

My point is I may be irresponsible but it would be acceptable if the person who thrown such word to me is admirable enough. Yah, I know that he has lots of credentials and affiliations more than I have. But the point is he should act as a highly educated person should be.

I don’t care if he will fail me. Any way I will fail him also when the teacher’s evaluation will come.hahahaha..

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