They are the kind of group that could make an individual completely happy and a little depressing. They sometimes annoy you by their bullies but they could as well form your mouth close to ears by their jokes. In some ways they stand as brothers and advisers if you’re in the ocean of problems. They correct and criticize your doings, and somehow praise you as a person. Maybe it’s their way of helping one to be a great person.

These people has also different attitude that could make conflicts from each other. Yet so far and so good never came to a point that burning war exist, “cold wars” maybe. Or maybe this is so because my Ate J. really knew how to mix well his sons and daughters. Sigh…

For couple of years, blogging, writing and passing articles is not the only thing I’m doing, if I’m in the office. Ever since bonding to these group is the thing that makes my environment complete. Luckily it is really good to have a group that I have now. I’m just hoping that these people won’t transform quickly to beasts and vampires.

Well, I maybe truthfully not close to some, but it’s still awe-inspiring that they still treat me nicely.


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