November 1- a special day for most of the Filipinos. Busy for celebrating the All Soul’s Day .Offices were closed, traffic in highways, big and annoying voices from vendors selling candles, smells of malagkit rice cooked in dissimilar kinds, and of course ang di mahulugang karayom na sementeryo sa dami ng tao.

Most of my classmates asked why I didn’t go home. Ang iba naman tinanong ako kung wala ba akong patay na sisindihan sa sementeryo.Bakit nga ba?. Sigh… All Soul’s Day isn’t a special day for me. Of course I have reasons to that and maybe some would say that I’m disrespecting them, as well those souls. Just nothing! If I really have to go home and make some rituals in the cemetery, for whom I’ll do that?.Oo naman meron kaming patay sa pamilya para bisitahin. But I just don’t like.

I mean, ung bibisitahin ko sa sementeryo ay mga bongo at butong inuood na ng mga namatay?... it is still pointless for me. Well I’m not saying that people should do what I’m doing. Besides people can show their means to those souls by praying in their respective houses. Like some, they really go home though it’s far from where they are staying and spending much fare. Well it’s their choice anyway to some that has money. Anyways, I really don’t want to discuss it here and one more thing I don’t want to offend and argue to some. This is just what I view with this thing.

This morning actually and until now I’m receiving texts from my contacts “happy haloween” and “kumusta imu kalagkalag.” Sigh… I feel bored but not stressful. I’m Just facing in the computer while blogging the whole afternoon. Still it isn’t that bad yet.

Actually I’m just waiting to a friend since he invited us to be in their Haloween disco party in their baranggay. But still I’m in a doubt if I’ll go since my officemates especially our EIC (hehehe churi na gud) whose here in the office right now isn’t fun of disco thingy and I guess he is not feeling well. But I hope they will hehehe.(laagan man gud ko).

Well its eve already so maybe this day will just past without something special. Others maybe be hectic but for me, it’s an ordinary day that made me a little annoyed since offices are closed.

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