Being LOST is a NO NO

I don’t know how to start my come back post since there are a lot of things that pop in to my mind still. Am I going to post emotional things that I had or happy memories? Actually I had my last post three months ago- after that month I was nowhere or shall I say lost. Being not in myself from those months have been root to unenthusiastically and irresponsible doings.

I’ve been the worst kind of student which sleeps late and wake up not on time that cause absence in class, a writer in the student publication which was under probation because of not passing articles for how many months, and a kind of son that demanded and lying to parents, asking for allowance just for personal luxuries. I think all the bad adjectives would really fit to me from those times.

Honestly I consent myself to go into bad things which results to worst. I can’t also say that I was drowned to the ocean of problems. Maybe I was just so stupid with having lame excuses for any situations I had. I became a person who actually did things that personally knew on what would be the results of it. In other words, I was a person who intended to have a problem just to have one. I’m really stupid right? Sometimes I don’t understand myself really or maybe I have to get old first to know myself better.

But as I was saying I don’t know how to start this post but I think as I go on, it led to kadramahan again, sigh. I think sometimes being emotional is really good to let things go back to better.
As I said, I was a candidate for termination but those period of time I realized that being in the student publication is really a great privilege in my course and since this is where my college life rounded. Aside from it, those ideas are not the only thing that I run into, instead afraid of losing wonderful people that I considered my second family---my TN Family.

Luckily, in behalf of being a stupid and irresponsible one, I was again given the chance to go back to myself and prove that being irresponsible then can be change. Those people who helped me by their good and encouraging words are my friends and my TN family. Though some of them will go one of these days, I know that they did those things to me for my own advantage. In the end, I learned that being nowhere or lost would only lead you to worst.

I’m not also saying that this time I will be as good as an angel, but as far as I could, I will.

About the picture in this blog, I choose it since that is the latest picture I have and I think it would be a pampabuenas with this come back post of mine.

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