Death is really the thing and juncture that I’m afraid of. The thing that I should say you can’t stop and even change. It is really on a big “why” why we also get old and die. Why we can’t be just in the age we want? Sometimes I’m in the theory that everyone’s purpose in life is to die. Moreover thinking these things will sometimes make you fool since whatever swapping of situations you’ll do still death is there.

Well I don’t have any sickness that you think could be the reason why I’m tackling these things. Even now, my mind is like a new born baby that could ask billions of questions, that is why death thingy is still questionable for me. I want to live without limit of time and everyone might want that also. I really hate the fact that there is death. Well if only I could make my own world.
Death could be peaceful, bloody and of course mysterious. And if ever I’ll die today or tomorrow I’ll chose death that is peaceful since it is a kind of death that I think fine so far in line with this matter. Well to die isn’t fine huh? And I don’t have any key also to choose cases on how am I going to die. This is just a matter of putting oneself to do and fix things everyday that scares you.

It is also bad that the people who are close to you died without saying all the things they want to utter and of course, we might the one wasn’t able to say so. Sigh… I’m getting far.

Maybe living life to the fullest is the best move while young and alive. Sometimes I want to do things that will make me happy but I’m worrying since I love to do things that are bad. I mean bad things at some point will make you satisfied (hahaha). It’s really hard to do good things right? But to make things sure you really have to do it so that you’ll go to heaven or the opposite way.

I may sound preachy but that’s what I see and conclude with these things. I don’t know still, why we really have to die. Why we can’t just live and enjoy life without pointing the good and bad. I’m hoping that there is no heaven and hell since it is the reason why we are worrying things.

But as a whole we can’t really deny the fact that life is always connected to death. And it’s constant.

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