Ang Buhay Ko Noong Kami Pa...

As an old cliché goes, experience is the best teacher. But does it really helped in every aspect in life especially in wise decision-making? In my case, I should say that one doesn’t have to be a veteran in a specific field just to rationalize everything.

I am not an expert in this so-called thing where everybody goes extreme and sometimes became crazy and blind-- this aspect we call love. Yes, in my 18 years of existence in this world, I’ve never been in love—but not until someone came in an unexpected moment. Studying in this university, I never thought that my heart would beat for a classmate and at the same time, a close friend.
I just found myself one night, engrossed with her thoughts. I can’t even sleep because all kinds of doubts and worries jumble in my mind. I know I really felt something for her ever since but I can’t bear to destroy our friendship if ever I would have the courage to tell her what I really feel. I’m also thinking that she might just laugh at me because I might sound so awkward. I never tried courting anybody before and I really do not know how it feels to be busted or to hear a sweet ‘yes’. Nevertheless, my fervor love victoriously ruled over me and I decided to tell her everything whatever the consequences maybe.

It was September 14, 2007 when I surprised the world with my courage and conquest. Our department had a victory party after the successful show we had in school. I really could not explain the way I feel that night because my heart was beating faster, my whole body was trembling and I was really nervous because I don’t know what to expect. But I was determined that I would not end this night without saying a word to her.

My classmates decided to have an over night in school during that time and I did not hesitate to join them because I was hoping that we could talk. I went to my apartment and fix myself, spray some sweet scents and made sure that I looked good. When I went back to school, I did not see her and I worried that she might not stay overnight. But all the worries I felt were suddenly replaced by delight when I heard her voice outside the office. When she entered the office, I did not have a second thought to hold her hand and asked her if we could talk. She was shocked and confused for a moment but she gave a nod.

We talked at the bleachers outside the office. The whole time I was saying my words, I was really shaking. Our conversation went smoothly and I couldn’t believe that I said everything I kept inside. All the more, I was also startled to know that all this time, we share the same feelings. She told me that she also liked me and she appreciated everything I’ve done for her. That was the happiest day of my life—I won over my shyness and I won her heart.
Even if sometimes our relationship is being put to a test, and we almost gave up, I really learned so many things. I learned that being a greenhorn or an inexperienced in this field, is never an excuse to fight for what you believe is right. After months of exchanging sweet nothings and senseless fights, we call-off our relationship. But we still managed to make it up and acknowledged each other’s weaknesses and strength.

We will be celebrating our fifth monthsary this Feb.14 and believe it or not, this would be my very first valentine date to the very first woman who made my heart beat. Again, I don’t know what to do yet but I would make it the best day for the two of us.

This is actually my first university diary which was published in our student publication last year during the valentine edition. Unfortunately this tale also finished and ended a year now. A part of my past that I somewhat treasured though I got bruises in my heart. Though we had a short time together, I’m still thankful that she somehow showed her care and loved me for who I am.

Then, I just posted this kasi alang magawa. Naisip ko lng ang OA2x pala ng pag-ibig. Pero ok lang naman ang maging OA habang bata pa, kasi sa huli pag matanda ka na, wala kang moments na pweding mong isipin at pagtawanan. At tsaka sa babaeng minsang minahal ako at sinaktan ng todo salamt pa rin sa experience. hehehe

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