Thank you 2010, Break a leg 2011!

Thanking is the best way for me to end the year of 2010. It was a tough year for me and my family. A lot of things happened which I judged and considered as storms but it turned out as great lessons for us to learn and go on. I realized that blessings do not only tally what you have received materially but it is how you appreciate every little thing that was given by the creator, God.

I thank Him for giving my family protection and shower us the gift of a well relationship with each other. Though this may not be a perfect welcoming of the New Year for us, still I’m hoping we will deal 2011 holding each other’s hands. I know we’ll be fine and I’m certain with it.

To my friends who have been part of my craziness, I thank you all for the wonderful companionship and memories which are already treasured. You’ve been with me when I had nothing and when I needed shoulders. Thanks for the superb advices when I was in doubt and distrust. I’m looking forward to have you still next year and years. I don’t have to be specific with you guys coz you know who you are.

To those that I judged, I’m sorry from the bottommost of my heart. Let those conflicts close and unlock a flap of amity. For those people who pierce bitterness, get lost!(kidding) seriously, forget and forgive; let time heals the cut.

Most importantly I thank God from all the opportunities that I have right now and in the future. My choices this year might not be a good one but I yearn to have the best this time. My New Year’s resolution? Be a better person who bestows a good realization of limitations with my wants. One thing is for sure here; I’ll be saying goodbye 2010 with a smile.

Anyway, if we did not have a good take last years, I truly wish that year of the rabbit will be a good start to all of us. Give the best shot this time. Rabbits have beautiful manners and they’re loving creatures’. Hope we can be rabbit people too! May we all have a prosperous new year!

Prospero Ano Nuevo!

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