Breaking up is one of the hardest things to do when you fall in love. Yet sad to say, it really happens. Who do you think will anticipate a hurtful break up if you are in a good, romantic and satisfying relationship? ...No one wants to, right?

Feelings and situations will turn cold, best friends turn to worst enemies, loving quotes change to hurtful words, dreams become impossibilities, chances leads to rejections, memories are converted to nightmares, expectations end up as disappointments and oftentimes, love evolves to hatred.

I always hear my friends saying, “I have to move on, stop fooling myself that I could still have him/her back but how can I get over him/her?” Stand up, do not just get down on your knees. Wipe those falling tears, and do not leave your heart unattended. Instead fix it up.

For a battered and broken heart to get in tacked, here are some of the tips for you to open your mind and in order for you to easily recover. Remember that life is not perfect as well as the person you love. Another thing is that you can never learn to love again if your heart is still broken.

1. Don’t let yourself get drown in the ocean of hatred

Both of you fall out of love and there is a possibility that either you will become friends or enemies. “I’m sorry, maybe were not meant for each other, can we just be friends?” Yes this statement would sound better because both broke up with an option to continue the friendship. Well, it may not be a growing and less effective move; at least you both end up retaining the friendship.

2. Nothing is constant in this world, breaking up is inevitable. Don’t pity yourself.

You must not create a barrier wall between you and your friends. Instead allow them to give their shoulders for you to lean on, because they are willing to help and support you. After all, he is not the only person in this world. Just keep yourself busy and enjoy your life.

3. If there is noting to beg for, then don’t Beg

If possible refrain from the guilt. If you know that there is nothing to beg for, then don’t. Fate will bring you back. Never think that you cannot live without the person you really love. You can do it and bear it in your mind.

4. Don’t entrust your feelings to threat. Don’t be insane and never do commit to foolishness.

“If you leave me, I will kill myself”. If you think threatening your ex will make him/her sorry and if you think that would win her back, then don’t expect too much because it seldom happens. Your foolish action is already a proof that you’re irresponsible and the break up is probably a good idea.

5. What goes around comes around. Don’t try to get back to the person who rejected you.

This is applicable to all MARTYRS all over the world. Words of apologies and goodbyes during break up should be placed on their proper perspectives. No matter how painful the split- up has become, you must not hate him/her or take revenge by humiliating statements for it would be impossible to resurrect friendship.

6. You cannot escape from the problem. Therefore, do not jump to other relationship to cover the pain from the past.

This is applicable to all “mahilig sa panakip butas”. Time heals the wounds. Meaning, you should not hurry to commit yourself to others, if do you know that you are not yet ready and have not still recovered with a certain break- up.

7. Prayer is the most important resolution to all things. Don’t forget to pray.

God is always there to listen, to guide, to give advice and to give blessings on what we are aiming. We should always get ourselves to Him. Let’s keep our hearts open and free from heartaches and worries. God is good all the time, all the time god is good.

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Growth population has always been a concern in one country. Why? Simply because a country is made up of people and precisely, its most important element are people. Are we concerned about the continuous expansion of population? If we are, then in what ways do we show our concern? Do we have solutions laid about this kind of problem? How and when will it be solved?

Yes, without doubt, I agree that population control is definitely the answer to this obvious dilemma we call “Population Growth”. I can’t cite any idea on how this problem would come to an end, except struggling to let everyone know the process and things which involves “birth control education”.

Teenagers have the biggest participation in this kind of issue because teenagers nowadays are innocent, curious, liberated, adventurous, careless and often hot. That is why the youth indulge in premarital sex and early marriage which led to irresponsible teenage pregnancy and add to the effect of population growth.

Therefore, sex education is now commonly developed in different schools, so that youth should be aware and educated about this appalling issue that the society is facing. Youth should also be taught as early as possible because they are the ones who will compose the next generation and will grasp the consequences and hopefully change things in the long run.

But still we can’t deny the fact that it is still depends upon the person if he/she would choose to be a productive person rather than having principle and control in terms of producing human, RIGHT?

In line with this, if we people continue to close our eyes and ears about the fact that there would probably no generation to exist because of the lack of natural resources, then our existence will be close to extinction now, even human race is crowding the universe.

When are we going to move? Can we just sit down and watch the world die out because of famine and poverty? We should start it now because it’s for our own good. I mean, lets be practical. Sometimes we should be selfless enough to save ourselves and think wisely for the benefit of everybody.

I mean the problem of our country today is not only being poor because of the corrupt government but we are also in the state of poverty because of over population.

Birth control doesn’t also mean that we are not giving the fetus the chance to live in this world but simply because we are getting crowded in this planet; it would be justifiable if we follow this dogma: one is enough and two is too much.

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My batch mates will gonna leave me soon. Yet it is
still hard for me not to mind that couple of months from now, they will
leave me. But practicality, they will soon.

They are one of the biggest sources of my self esteem. I don’t know if they’re gone, I can still find companies that will accept me for being imperfect one, maybe my TN family but not the company I used of in a classroom.

Sometimes I draw on myself being alone, practicing without them- since it is
still me who will get upset later.I know that there is no constant in
this world, we have to separate ways in our own lives and I hate it

Yet still every time I close my eyes going to bed, I’m imagining that it’s
me alone who is not wearing toga and posing with happy face with the
rest of the family congratulating each other. Yah, I know that someday
I’ll be in that , but it would be better if I feel that way with them(so that di pud q mag nose bleed mag graduation day ba.)

If only I can make my own voyage…….I mean every time I’m alone I can’t stop pitying myself with this case. Well I also don’t like people worrying that much in me because Im not disable person to treat that way yet.

It’s just that as of this moment, I’m in a condition which frustration and disappointment pushing myself down. Ithink this is really the hardest thing that I’m facing right now.(Haaayy Im not really used to be emotional but I have to let this out)

I’mnot vulnerable but inside I am– Im doing it in the sense that people
knew me being a happy person and it might look awkward to them if I’ll
act what I actually feel. (I hate to be bully in short).

Well,I hope that one of these days God will give me inspiration to put my self up again and make up things.

I hope that after you read this blog you won’t merit pitying NORIEL,

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The word “irresponsible” is maybe the worst remark that was ever thrown to me. The evil part and not ok is that, it was actually come out from my professor. A professor which absence in class is much than being present. He will even fail me just because he assigned something which I failed to do?

I admit, I’m not immediately concurring every time he is having his lectures. But how am I going to share my sides since his lectures are not related to our subject matter. I mean, I’m a type of person which prefers to be silent if uninteresting matters are tackled.

He is not also worthy to throw such word to me. He even late 2 -3 hours in our class. He supposes to act as good example. Or maybe because he can’t take any nasty move to me that is why his blood is boiling every time. Besides, I’m a boy and the rest of my classmates were girls, which is a good point to him. I maybe act judgmental to him but as the saying goes “actions speaks louder than words”.hehehe(manyak talaga cya).

My point is I may be irresponsible but it would be acceptable if the person who thrown such word to me is admirable enough. Yah, I know that he has lots of credentials and affiliations more than I have. But the point is he should act as a highly educated person should be.

I don’t care if he will fail me. Any way I will fail him also when the teacher’s evaluation will come.hahahaha..

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