The Beast and My Cat

It’s hard to think that there are people who can’t admit their own mistakes. “Blame it to him”, this is most likely their excuse. Pointing one finger to another is the usual deed. Yes! I know a lot of notions from these folks coz I was one. Self justifying is a good reposition if you are on the right track but too much plea could harm too. Usually I call them “defensiveness of lies” being.

I came up with this thought since it rang my bell when this beast argued with me. The beast who fooled his partner for months (or maybe years) and presently playing as if he’s the injured one. Of course, I did not assume for him to tell me the truth. We don’t expect a liar not to tell a lie, do we? So to cut a long story short, my loving and royal blood cat was wounded since his partner decided to meow with a street cat. Yes you read it right! Namangka sa dalawang ilog. But let me not talk the tale of my cat’s broken life .I can see that my cat right now is looking into the brighter side of the picture so she’ll be fine soon. Instead, let me nub how my cat’s partner made his mistake and fault fall into regrets and lessons.

I was raised well by my mom and grew up with fear in God. So I don’t curse somebody (almost). Let God do the rest then. But as far as I can see it now, the beast he’s crawling like a worm that has illness, starving and gobbling his pride not to ask favor from our clan.. What I have right now is not hatred but empathy. Forgiveness? May be in the future. You can’t blame me this is what I feel. With what the beast has done, I learned how it’s simple to ignore mistake and fault at the same time.

I remembered my professor in philosophy course defined how mistake and fault differed. Mistakes are optional, if we make one, we’re absolutely aware .While fault is only a responsibility of a mistake and it’s only a shortcoming. As I see it, mistake is like a seed and fault is a tree. I mean we can’t grow a tree if we haven’t planted a seed at all.

Human as we are it’s hard not to commit mistakes and that’s undeniable. But committing mistake is a choice so as decisions in life. I’m not saying it’s effortless not to have mistakes but it’s possible to avoid it. Nobody is perfect and everybody knows it. But again as the cliché goes no one is perfect, that’s why pencils have erasers which certainly we can minimize and correct something we’ve done wrong in life.

I may sound preachy but that’s how I see things. Mistakes and faults are both options so let’s not pick either. Ohh take note, beast is only for beast not for a beautiful and loving cat!


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